When I was 8 years old I heard my uncle Holger playing the violin and I knew instantly that this was my instrument! In the good old days i.e. the 60’s every child in Sweden who wanted to play an instrument was free to do that, so I started with the mandolin for one year, and continued with the violin – classical pieces. I loved my teacher Italo Pilotti! There was a schedule when to have your class, but we students loved to be there and came early and had a great afternoon together– it was like a youth recreation centre or even better - a family.

After a break for a few years in my teenage I started playing again. Now I had moved to Umeå up north in Sweden. In this city you can listen to lots of folk music – and it attracted me and has ever since. Music is of great importance to me and today I play in two groups and at all sorts of occasions. I also write my own tunes – inspired by the traditional folk music.

Writing and reading - it’s like playing an instrument – when you’ve once started it’s impossible to stop – and why should you?
I am one of the founders of Sorsele Poetry Society, and is it's current chairman.
I’ve published five collections of poems; Fritt fall (1998, Ord & visor förlag) and Nyvakna ökenråttor (2000 Ord & visor förlag), Stråk (2010), Innerstes Lappand (2013), il (2017),

Performances- seminars - workshops

Solo : church concerts, weddings, funerals, folk festivals, annual meetings, conferences…

Grimtjuk; double bass and fiddle. Robert Degerfalk, who plays the double bass, and I have played together for many years. Mostly we play tunes I’ve composed myself, but we often mix our concerts with traditional Swedish folk music. In some of our performances we add some poetry – which is adapted to the event we’re performing at.

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